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Contact me at  

Phone :  813-410-2232

Email : Edward@wondersoflifestudios.com

Photography, for a long time was simply a hobby after work and on weekends to express his creativity. The more time he spent photographing though it seemed that he could not satiate the passion for capturing life’s moments. Eventually, the passion overtook him, and he left a career that was so dearly loved to be free to explore and create in this wonderful, fun, and imaginative profession! Edward has traveled the world photographing wildlife, people, and architecture commercially and for the fine art world. He is now come back home to Florida and the Tampa bay area and is available for whatever imagery needs you have. From pet and family shoots, to fine art, public speaking, and workshops. Edward’s creativeness and skill will produce the images that connect with you emotionally.

"I want my photographs to touch people and give them a connection they may never feel or experience in their lifetime. If I can give them just one beautiful moment, an image captured turned into a memory to live in forever then I'll have done something that truly matters in this world."

  Edward of Wonders of Life studios is a Central Florida Wildlife, Pet and Family photographer located in Tampa, Florida.

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