Three days in Cade's Cove

July 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

   I have been trying to get to Cade's Cove for a while now, but I had schedule conflicts so I decided to just make it happen. I went to work Sun Morn at 630am until 3pm, then I went home packed the car took an hour nap and off I went to Tenn. 12 hr total driving time arrived at Cade's cove loop gate at 630am. Met with fellow photographer from Florida Jack and we went to photographing whatever we could find.   Her is a pic of Jack and how close we got to the bears at times.. this was totally unintentional. We were photographing a female bear and we did not know the male was following about 50 yards back in the woods until he came out right in front of Jack.  No worries though, if anything was to happen I would be sure to save Jack's, camera :-) 

In three days I saw about 19 bears 10 16 deer and a great variety of birds. The weather was not the best but I took a few pictures and a few videos...   Enjoy! 



D50_3584-EditD50_3584-Edit D50_4089-EditD50_4089-Edit


850_5871-Edit850_5871-EditBlue Bird with Caterpillar dinner 850_4993-Edit850_4993-Edit 850_5998-Edit850_5998-Edit 850_6855-Edit850_6855-EditPalliated Woodpecker checking the posts for food 850_6625-Edit850_6625-Edit 850_6303-Edit850_6303-Edit 850_6879-Edit850_6879-Edit D50_3554-EditD50_3554-Edit D50_3678-EditD50_3678-Edit D50_3693-EditD50_3693-Edit D50_3912-EditD50_3912-Edit D50_3718-EditD50_3718-Edit D50_3705-EditD50_3705-Edit D50_4073-EditD50_4073-Edit D50_4198-EditD50_4198-Edit D50_4461-EditD50_4461-Edit D50_4909-EditD50_4909-Edit


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